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S08E07, Second to Last

Drama: Bro, didn't I used to bang her sister?
Vince: Yeah. Actually, she said she asked about you.
Turtle: She probably wants to find out if you were the one that gave her the herpes.
Drama: Well, at least I get laid often enough to be a suspect.

Dana: Would this be the script you're referring to?
Ari: What are you, going through my stuff now?
Dana: I see a script, I read it. Occupational hazard.

Eric: You know, Scott, this is why I knew not to partner up with you. Because you are a self-centered jerkoff.
Scotty: And this is why, Eric - and I mean this in the nicest possible way - you are a little bitch.

Turtle: What can you do on the price?
Realtor: You haven't even asked what the price is yet.
Turtle: I'm sure I need it reduced.

Drama: Look. I know that a woman of your stature may have preconceived notions about a guy like Vince, but you should know, especially after interviewing him, he's not just some actor. He's smart. Maybe not John Hopkins kind of smart, but he's smart. More importantly, he's a friend and a brother, and the best I know of both.
Sophia: It's very sweet of you to look out for him.
Drama: Well, that's all he does for me, so I owe him.

Ari: I want every available option on the table for how to get this film made by the end of the day. Whoever succeeds will forever be my family member. Whoever doesn't will be cleaning tanning beds in fuckin Rancho Cucamonga.

Assistant: Ari, he's in a meeting.
Ari: Listen, if he would have called me back, we could have avoided me interrupting it.

Ari: Don't be mad at me.
Dana: I am sad, Ari. But you're honest, so how can I be mad?

Turtle: Vince is the best guy I've ever known. He takes care of so many people and makes so much happen for them but doesn't expect anything in return. You know this guy paid off my mother's mortgage when they were going to repossess her house and he never told us? And this was years ago when he only had a few bucks.

Turtle: I don't know what to say.
Drama: Say "thank you," you dumb fuck.