Privacy Policy

Directly, we don’t record a whole lot of information about our visitors. Items like your recently viewed episodes, characters, pages and products are collected and stored to help us better determine what you like and what sections of our website are the most popular, but beyond that, we don’t store anything else about our guests from the general public. If you’re a site administrator, however, we do store the email address and an encrypted version of the password you provide on the login page to keep you signed in throughout the website. And a number of the platforms that we use to enhance the browsing experience for our visitors (like Facebook, Twitter and Google) will gather and store data on our site’s visitors at their own discretion. These companies can choose to share the data with whomever they choose, so we encourage you to read up on each of these companies’ own policies.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track anonymous visitor data and habits. While the Analytics software collects a whole lot of useful browsing data from our users, we don’t personally store that on our servers. That information is collected and filed by Google and then made available to us. Data that Google Analytics gathers from our visitors includes, but is not limited to, items like location, connection details, pages you came from, pages you visit, browser information and your operating system.

Third Party Widgets and Social Plugins

We like to make sharing our content as easy as possible, so we provide a variety of third party widgets and social plugins throughout our website to make this possible. We’ve incorporated Twitter “Tweet” buttons, Facebook “Like” buttons and Google “+1” buttons on many of our site’s pages. As a result, these services will collect information on your browsing habits. Your sharing data may also be made public if you happen to be logged in to any of these services and choose to share any of our content.

We also allow visitors to comment on our content through the use of Facebook’s comments plugin. This plugin communicates directly with Facebook and each of the additional platforms that visitors can use to publish comments with it, and in many cases, comments you’ve posted through the plugin will be published to your social feed. In addition, any comments you make through the Facebook plugin can be read by all of our site’s visitors, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to be made public to your friends or our audience.

Third Party Advertisers

We present third party offers for relevant services and products on our site’s pages. The offers we present are displayed exclusively in the form of outbound links, and as a result, a majority of our advertisers are unable to collect any data about you unless you choose to click over to one of their sites, either through a banner ad or episode/song purchase link. The one major exception would be an offer presented by one of the social platforms that we use to improve our site (like Facebook, Twitter and Google), in which case user data will be gathered as described in the paragraphs above.