January 25th, 2014

Dana Gordon Joins Entourage Movie Cast

Dana Gordon will return for the big-screen extension of Entourage.

Now more than a week into production, it has been confirmed that actress Constance Zimmer has signed on to reprise her role as Dana Gordon for the Entourage movie. Several sources, including director Doug Ellin and even Ms. Zimmer herself, relayed the news on Thursday.

It’s fair to assume that Ari and Dana’s romantic relationship is beyond repair after what happened during the show’s final episodes, so her arc will more likely revolve around the business of movies – either Vince’s stint as Dracula or Ari’s possible transition into CEO at Warner Bros.

It’s awesome that Dana Gordon will be returning since she was such a great part in the series, but doesn’t the decision feel a little last minute? Or is the timing just an issue of pay negotiations that took longer than expected? Clearly they must have had a backup plan in the event that Dana’s role needed to be scrapped. Either way, it’s unlikely that they would have let the character return had Constance not played the part seeing as how Dana is one of the show’s strongest female roles, if not the strongest.

Regardless, to know that she will return is great news, and the more screentime she receives the better. She’s terrific on her own, and alongside Ari she serves as the best kind of fuel for his hilarious over-the-top rants.