September 16th, 2012

Entourage Creator Sets Up a Twitter Account

On August 17, 2012, Doug Ellin – creator and executive producer of Entourage – created a Twitter account and began posting past photos of the series’ production as well as information regarding the status of the film. Since the project is still in the writing phase and Mr. Ellin is the man responsible for developing the script, his tweets have provided some awesome insight into the advancement of the film.

During his time on Twitter, Doug Ellin has continuously kept followers abreast of his progress on the script, occassionally posting current page numbers and even Instagram photographs of cast members like Jerry Ferrara reviewing the script. On September 12, Mr. Ellin posted a link to a Deadline Hollywood article on the topic of the script. In the article, Nikki Finke mentions that she had received an email from Doug Ellin stating that he was on page 110 of the script and was looking to wrap it up by that Sunday, which would have been September 16, 2012.

Mr. Ellin offers a few details surrounding the film’s plot in the article, though they’re all very vague. Perhaps the most important tidbit is that the film will take place six months after the series’ end. The following YouTube clip from Clevver summarizes the whole email between Doug Ellin and Deadline Hollywood.

This update was posted on the 16th around 6:00PM central time, and as of that moment, no word on the progress of the script had surfaced from Mr. Ellin or any of the other cast members. While the completion of the script is a huge first step in the development of the Entourage movie, remember that a number of additional actions need to be taken before production can begin. Continue reading for information on what else needs to happen before we can ever see an Entourage movie.