January 30th, 2013

Entourage Movie Green Lit by Warner Bros

The wait is over – Warner Bros has signed a deal to back production of the Entourage movie!

Just over a year after Entourage wrapped up its eight-season run on premium cable channel HBO, it has been announced that the guys from Queens are officially headed to the big screen.

Last night, on the evening of January 29, 2013, Doug Ellin confirmed via Twitter that the Entourage movie had just been green lit. Ironically, it was Warner Bros that signed off on the project, the same studio that first hired Vincent Chase for the fictional Aquaman film and then later fired him, opting instead to cast Jake Gyllenhaal as the sequel’s underwater superhero.

Thanks to tweets from a variety of the cast’s accounts, we know that a few of the guys got together to celebrate the awesome news.

Just minutes after Deadline broke the story and Doug made his initial announcement, Adrian Grenier confirmed the project as well.

Now that they’ve got the cash that they need to move forward, the next step is to get the cast on board and start shooting. As soon as we get wind of any production or release dates, we’ll be posting the details here.

Who will return for the Entourage movie?

Although no casting decisions have been inked just yet, we do know that the script’s writer Mr. Ellin will be serving as the film’s director. Since Jerry (Turtle), Adrian (Vince), Rhys (Billy) and Domenick (Dom) were celebrating the announcement, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that they’ll all be reprising their roles in the upcoming project too. It will be interesting to see what Doug has done with Dom’s role since the last time we saw his character he was facing a potentially lengthy prison sentence.

Though they never really confirmed their involvement in the flick, both Kevin Connolly (Eric) and Jeremy Piven (Ari) had also mentioned the green lighting of the film on their own personal Twitter accounts. Since it wouldn’t be Entourage without either of their characters, both actors will likely be returning as well. Out of the five main characters, Kevin Dillon (Drama) is the only one without a Twitter account, so we haven’t heard from him yet. But again, would it really be a proper movie if he weren’t involved?

Supporting actresses Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan) and Constance Zimmer (Dana) both acknowledged the news on Twitter but it’s unknown whether or not they’ll be returning. Like Mr. Dillon, Perrey Reeves (Mrs. Ari) has yet to create a public Twitter account, but regardless of whether or not Ari takes the job offered to him during the series’ finale, we expect her to make an appearance or two.

Shortly after the original story broke, the series’ music consultant/supervisor Scott Vener did make mention of the film’s updated status, and although it’s unknown whether or not he’ll be brought on board, we’d love to see what he could do with the film’s music. His musical direction really helped set the tone for the series and he has compiled one of our favorite television soundtracks of all time.