October 26th, 2013

Entourage Movie Pay Agreements Imminent

We’re back with some great news for Entourage fans. Celebrity gossip site TMZ posted an exclusive story just yesterday claiming that remaining cast deals will likely be signed within “the next few days by necessity.” The news source cites an impending tax deadline that production needs to hit, which could be related to the Production Tax Credit that California issued the project back in June:


TMZ has provided all of the information they have regarding recent cast negotiations over on their site, but basically it sounds like the those who hadn’t yet signed on weren’t doing so until everyone was given the same back end cut as Jeremy Piven (Ari). Maybe that happened or maybe those holding out just gave up and agreed to move forward with an unequal stake in the film’s profits.

Be on the lookout for an announcement from the man in charge over the next few days. We’ll be alerting readers as soon as one surfaces. But for now, Doug Ellin has this to say, and we hope he’s joking: