December 24th, 2014

Entourage Movie Trailer Analysis

On Tuesday morning, Warner Bros debuted the official Entourage movie trailer via their YouTube account. The 2:30 upload has accumulated more than 3,000,000 hits in just over 24 hours and the reactions from fans appear to be extremely positive. Watch for yourself:

Here’s our breakdown of the Entourage movie trailer:

00:02 The eerie track playing throughout the Hyde trailer is Flying Lotus’ Osaka Trade. Scott Vener’s music selection is always on point.

00:18 That’s Calvin Harris, the producer behind recent EDM hits Summer, Blame, and Outside. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of him being a part of the film before everyone saw him here, so his cameo should be a big surprise to those following the movie. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of part he plays, if any, outside of the movie within a movie.

00:42 While it was previously rumored that Vince’s newest film would revolve around a modern-day Dracula, that’s clearly not the case. Like he did in Medellin, Vince appears to be playing the part of a strong antagonist in his newest film, but instead of embodying a drug lord, Vince has taken on the role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

00:43 To say vampires have worn out their welcome on the big screen would be an understatement, so the Jekyll and Hyde thing is a pleasant surprise. Obviously we’ll never see a full Vincent Chase Jekyll and Hyde movie, though some exclsuive behind-the-scenes Hyde stuff on the Entourage movie Blu-ray are almost a given.

00:48 We have a conflict. Boom.

01:10 Director Doug Ellin tweeted about that mysterious Cadillac this morning. Apparently this beautiful machine is a concept car which they’ve dubbed the Ciel. Concept means you probably won’t be driving one anytime soon even if you do have the cash to burn, but you can read more about the Ciel convertible here.

01:14 Half-naked women and the signature Billy Walsh Medellin back tattoo? Check and check.

01:28 Sloan and E are definitely back together, but where’s Sophia? Nowhere near a single frame of the movie is our guess.

01:34 Here’s our first ever look at Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment in the film. This brief peak at the two playing their parts tells us nothing beyond the fact that they’re angry Texans with a lot of disposable income yet still we’re more eager than ever to see what these guys bring to the franchise.

01:39 Fans of the television show were left wondering what would happen to Ari’s recovering marriage if he accepted the top position at Warner Bros. It’s great to see both Mrs. Ari and Lloyd by his side and that the superagent is as angry as ever.

This preview is pretty amazing and we’re sure to see more like it in the coming months as the theatrical release approaches. We’re hoping that one or two of those will offer a glimpse of secondary characters like Dana, Dom, and Scotty Lavin.

What caught your eye while watching the trailer? Your reactions and questions are welcome in the comments section below. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone celebrating!