August 10th, 2012

First Draft of Movie Script Almost Finished

The cast and staff of Entourage had been teasing the idea of a movie long before the series wrapped. And now that the series is over and true fans have had a chance to see how the show ends, it’s clear that the writers intentionally left a handful of questions unanswered for the sake of a feature film.

Current Entourage movie status as confirmed by multiple cast members and staff:

The movie’s script is currently in development by Doug Ellin, the same man who created the series and wrote much of the series’ original scripts. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post published on August 1, 2012, co-president of HBO programming Michael Lombardo confirmed that the Entourage movie script is currently being developed and that writer Doug Ellin was on page 65 at the time. Then on August 10, Mark Wahlberg told ABC News that Ellin was roughly a month away from wrapping up the script.

You can read those interviews for yourself here:

To hear that the Entourage script is nearly finished is great news, but if Entourage has taught us anything about the movie industry, it’s that developing a script is just the first step of a very long process. In the clip provided below, Adrian Grenier (Vince) explains to The Wall Street Journal that deals still need to be made with the studio and that a director needs to be locked in for the project. But on the bright side, the actor also tells them that he and the rest of the cast are on-board when the movie’s officially a “go.”

Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan) confirms the same rumors when recently asked about the film in the following clip.

The final season of Entourage left viewers with so many unanswered questions that it would be a little painful to never be told how the story truly ends. Will Eric make the move to New York? Will Vince’s marriage to Sophia actually go through and will it last? Perhaps most importantly, is Ari going to take John Ellis’ job offer and risk losing his wife all over again? It’s still not certain whether or not an Entourage film will ever see the light of day, but if it does, you can bet that most (if not all) of these questions will be answered.

To quickly recap, Doug Ellin is nearly finished with the script, but a director needs to be found and deals with the studio still need to be solidified. So don’t expect an Entourage film this year, and in all likelihood, we probably won’t see one in 2013 either. And that’s if we ever see a film at all – remember that although the script is almost complete that the film hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. But it’s great to know that the wheels are in motion and that the entire cast is behind the project. Be sure to share and bookmark this page because we’ll be updating it anytime the status of the Entourage movie changes.