August 24th, 2013

Kevin Connolly Requests Entourage Movie Update

Nearly seven months after the confirmation of an Entourage movie, Twitter continues to grow uneasy waiting for an official start date. Kevin Connolly has taken notice and posed this question to series creator Doug Ellin a few days ago:

Doug’s response didn’t read overly optimistic, and it’s still not clear what (or who) the hold up is. It’s been stated several times that the starring cast is all in, but that certainly doesn’t guarantee that every little negotiation has been finalized. Mr. Connolly reignited the conversation just yesterday:

The entire thread is not shown above, but if you click over to the Twitter website, you’ll see that Doug Ellin quickly joined the discussion. In one of his responses, he addresses a fan who brought up the fact that Doug had rated the current chances of an Entourage movie at “50/50” the day before.

Still without a solid start date or even a guarantee that the film will actually happen, we can only help encourage those involved as they take care of business behind the scenes. Our biggest consolation at this point is the fact that Mr. Ellin and the cast seem very eager to get this film started, regardless of what’s holding the project back.

But not all hope is lost for fans of the guys from Queens. Amidst disappointing Entourage progress, many of the main actors have been hard at work on projects of their own. Both Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara were involved in the production of separate feature-length documentaries, both of which are now available for purchase and rental through sources like iTunes and Amazon. Kevin Connolly’s been staying busy too, directing a documentary for ESPN’s “30 for 30” series and playing a leading role in the developing sitcom “Friends with Better Lives,” which was recently picked up by CBS.

Doug Ellin has had no trouble finding good work, either. He was hired to write the new “Bad Santa” script back in May and has just agreed to executive produce an upcoming U.S. adaptation of the Australian comedy series “A Moody Christmas.”

Like many Entourage fans, we’re happy for the crew’s continued success. We just hope that they’re all still available if and when the film begins production. In the meantime, go check out Adrian’s latest project here and Jerry’s here.