March 26th, 2014

Leading Actor Breaks Leg on Set; More Cameos Announced

Several interesting events surrounding the Entourage movie have unfolded over the past couple of weeks. There’s a lot to cover in this update, so we’re going to dive right in.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way. During a recent take with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Kevin Connolly took a nasty spill while pulling down a pass. The result was a leg broken in two places.

Fortunately, Kevin’s a champ. A photo from Adrian Grenier proves that Kevin refused to let the injury prevent him from working. He was back on set shortly after the fall to continue filming.

Meanwhile, Doug and the cast continue to flood Twitter with awesome photos and breaking news from the set. Check out the Twitter feeds of Mr. Ellin or any of the other guys and you’ll notice that all of their recent posts seem to share one common theme: movie cameos.

Some of the latest celebrity sightings on the Entourage set include Liam Neeson, Piers Morgan, Pharrell, David Arquette, and even one of the girls from the Blurred Lines video, Emily Ratajkowski. Regulars like Bob Saget, Mark Cuban, Gary Busey, and Andrew Dice Clay will be making an Entourage comeback as well.

But the list of trained TV personalities set to appear pales in comparison to the roster of athlete cameos. It includes Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman of the Patriots; retired Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera; former Texans running back Derrick Ward; retired NBA point guard Baron Davis and maybe even one of the league’s current MVP contenders, Kevin Durant… you probably get the idea. The list is ridiculous.

Yet the recent return of one of the show’s biggest recurring characters went largely unnoticed when teased by Jerry Ferrara earlier this month. From what we’ve heard, contract negotiations for his involvement went surprisingly well.

And then Jerry posted this awesome cast photo this past Saturday. It’s easily one of our favorites so far.

Big cameos were one of the elements that made the series truly great, so it stands to reason that there would be a few of them in the big-screen version, too. But with so many of them popping up in the movie, we fear that they’ve either spent a majority of the story focusing on celebrity appearances or that this thing is going to be as long as Queens Boulevard: The Director’s Cut.