June 22nd, 2014

Mark Wahlberg Reveals Entourage Movie Plot Details

Mark Wahlberg has seen a cut of the upcoming Entourage movie and recently shared his opinion – and a few major plot details – during a recent interview he did with Access Hollywood. The actor was there to promote the upcoming Transformers flick, but the interviewer took the opportunity to shift her questions towards the Entourage project near the end of the segment.

Some of the details Mark shared are borderline spoiler-esque. You’ve been warned.

While discussing the plot, Mark quickly announces that the film’s story puts an abrupt end to Vince’s marriage and Ari’s sabbatical in Italy. Vince’s season 8 directorial itch, however, appears to have returned on an even grander scale. Mark mentions that the character of Vince pushes hard for the director’s seat in the Dracula movie within a movie, the details of which have been made available for quite a while.

Mr. Wahlberg goes on to say that the cut of the movie he saw was “amazing” and that they’re even considering expediting its theatrical release. The movie is currently planned to premiere in a little less than a year from now on June 12th, 2015. But he says that they’re going to show the film to the studio and will choose the path that gives the project “the best chance to succeed.”

Mark served as an executive producer for the series and a producer for its big-screen counterpart. After Mr. Wahlberg has finished promoting his new Transformers movie, he will begin shooting Ted 2, the sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s first feature film.