May 19th, 2013

Script’s Final Draft Ready

Entourage movie details have been sparse over the past couple of months. Neither the cast nor the film’s director Doug Ellin have had much to say since the project got the official go-ahead nearly four months ago, which is why it was especially refreshing to see the following tweet from Mr. Ellin last week:

Doug’s tweet includes a link to an Instagram photo of what he claims will be the final draft of the Entourage movie script. Shortly after Mr. Ellin published the tweet, series regular Constance Zimmer retweeted the exciting news and voiced her interest in starting on the project as soon as possible.

Although no official start date has been publicized, The Wall Street Journal’s Digital Network posted an interview with Doug around the same time that Warner Bros. signed off on the project. Roughly forty-five seconds in to the eight minute clip, Doug says that he’s hoping to start shooting in the fall.

The clip is definitely worth a watch. In addition to the movie insights Mr. Ellin provides, the series’ creator also discusses the creative process he would go through when writing a new Entourage episode and how his vision of the show evolved before the filming of the first episode.