February 22nd, 2013

Show’s Music Supervisor to Return for Movie

After a tweet posted by Doug Ellin yesterday, we’re led to believe that two series regulars will be making a return for the upcoming Entourage movie. Doug Ellin had this to say about a meetup with Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) and a couple of their colleagues…

The guy on the left, Scott Vener, served both as a music consultant and a music supervisor during a large majority of the series’ 96 episodes. As we had mentioned previously, we are big fans of his work on the show and believe that his music selection played a huge role in shaping many of the series’ more memorable scenes.

And of course the guy between Jerry and Doug is Scott Caan, the actor who played the part of Scotty Lavin during the series’ final three seasons. When Eric bailed on Scott and their brand new agency during the series finale, the viewers were left to wonder whether or not he would return after his trip to Paris with Vince and the crew.

Seeing Doug Ellin in talks with these three makes us even more anxious to learn what’s in store for the film and all of the massive season eight cliffhangers. Although none of these guys have confirmed their involvement in the film, Doug’s tweet says a lot about everyone’s interest in their return.